It’s been crazy around here. On top of finishing my JTB album “Middle of Infinity” and the new project with Penthouse Killers – San Andreas…I’ve been also co-writing and producing another album for yet another fine project – From the Stars, with my friend Heidi…who I’ve known since college. The album cover is a photo of us playing in a band back in the 90’s…at the college student’s union building. I remember that guitar that I covered in band stickers…I also remember that Exploited shirt and how it went missing…girls were always borrowing my shirts back then…probably because my shirts were dope…and I rarely got them back after we broke up. I think the same chick who swiped my Exploited t-shirt also swiped my Public Image t-shirt. Ah, memories. The album Summer School is a bit of a departure from our punk rock days. Heidi and I have come a long way since those good old days playing the student’s union.

We hadn’t been in contact for years…and one day she called me out of the blue. It was like no time had really passed. We went right back into planning an album of songs. Because she lives in Austin Texas and I choose to use a flip phone and so don’t really do zoom meetings…we did a lot of phone talking and after jokingly comparing me to Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai (who evidently also uses a flip phone), eventually she sent me some ideas she had for songs–her voice over an acoustic guitar. I basically re-worked her great song ideas, added a full band of instruments and produced the entire thing myself, then wrote and recorded the other half of the songs–all while finishing Middle of Infinity and San Andreas albums. I can’t remember being that inundated with a constant flow of creativity from all directions and I loved every minute of it. She’s sings half the songs and I sing the other half…and we do a lot of harmonizing with each other. There’s really something magical about this album…it’s like a ray of sunshine set to deep warm melodies. We sing one song as a duet….it’s called “Thanking God” and we’re planning to shoot a video for it in very near future. Stoked.

Stay tuned for the video and the official release of the Album in early August.