Episode five is live…you won’t want to miss it–it’s relentless.


Check out the new stickers for Psycho City Tales.

Glad so many of you got such a kick out of episode 4. We had a blast filming it–there were a few takes where Juliana and I couldn’t stop laughing . If you dug 4 you won’t want to miss 5.

For JTB enthusiasts who’ve asked if I’m working on any new music…of course! Check out my new single…it’s called “Rad”. It’s a selection from a new collection of songs I’ve been working on. I wrote, recorded and produced this gem in my little studio down by the docks.


An old band-mate from way the hell back sent me this photo that he found in storage. It’s me smoked the hell out, playing at a skate park when I was 18–back when bands played their own instruments. Played that guitar so much the fret board wore down. While all the people I’d studied with at the conservatory went on to play in orchestras or became music teachers–I went on tour with a rock band and lived out of a van…why? Why the hell not?

Episode 4 of Psycho City Tales is up. It’s a doozy…you won’t want to miss the surprise ending.

The series has been getting thousands of views on Tik Tok. Thanks to everyone for supporting our truly 90’s indie production. Stay tuned for more!

This is the cover of my third upcoming full length novel ‘Palm Villa’. Pure 1970’s East Hollywood pulp. We can’t go back in time, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace wicked, vintage novel covers. 

Taking it back to the 90’s with this wicked trailer for Psycho City Tales. Stay tuned for episode 4.

Took a break this week from the very involved new JTB project…have barely left my studio in a couple weeks…figured I’d absorb some summer, spend some days camping at my fave lagoon, getting lost in lemon haze and an old Updike novel I got on order. Instead I wound up spending my holiday in the studio writing and mixing a new Penthouse Killers single that fell from the sky. It’s called ‘Best Laid Plan‘, and it’s an ode to reckless abandon.

This one is especially cool because I play the intro on an old acoustic guitar I’ve had since the 90’s…one that got smashed up a bit over years while touring with an old band. She was lost in storage for years. I restored her myself with wood filler and lots of glue. Sanded her down smooth, re-calibrated the intonation and adjusted the neck and she sounds as great as she ever did. Look for Best Laid Plan on Spotify in the coming days.

The other night, I had the song on repeat…inspired me to board slide a handrail.

Here’s a sneak peak of Psycho City Tales, episode 4–the most fearlessly original series on the net.

The greatest hood on earth – East Hollywood. Out of all the episodes we shot for season 1 of Psycho City Tales, Ep. 4 is probably my fave. It’s relentless. You may piss yourself laughing…if you have a sense of humor that is…

I got on here today to tell my friends about the new EP I’m working on with JTB. While we were shooting season 1 of the series, I had pretty much zero time to do anything else. Not complaining. When we wrapped and I found myself with some downtime; all of these songs started to magically emerge from my piano, as if they were on back log. Some songs demand to be recorded and these certainly did. So, I’m back in the studio this summer, mixing this EP and I couldn’t be happier about it. Another one for the collection.

You won’t want to miss episode 3 of Psycho City Tales…it’s a doozy.

Psycho City Tales – Season 1 – Episode 3 ‘Mad Men, Mercenaries and Method Writers


For the last year we’ve been filming season one of a series called ‘Psycho City Tales’. If you’re like me and you’ve become disenchanted with contemporary television and long for the days when indie meant raw and gritty and unapologetic, then you’re going to love this series. Writing, co-directing and acting in this series has been a huge amount of work and worth every minute of it. These aren’t ten minute webisodes…they’re full-length, 40 minute instalments detailing the life and times of method-writer, absinthe enthusiast, and anti-hero, Frank Nero. We recently finished filming season 1 in Los Angeles and will be releasing more episodes in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for those. You won’t want to miss the grand finale.

Thanks to the city of Los Angeles and the our amazing and versatile crew for making this series a reality. For so many months it was just a series of scripts on my laptop.

And yes, the Etilletas night club featured in ep. 2 is in fact the Satellite in Silverlake–one of my favorite venues of all time, which closed sadly, due to COVID. We brought it back to life for one evening and lit up the marquee one last time–anything is possible in Psycho City.

Psycho City Tales – Season 1 – Episode 1 ‘Shit Happens

Psycho City Tales – Season 1 – Episode 2 ‘Put a Sock on It



Getting deadly with Sheldon and Greg at Skylark last weekend. Amazing show…thanks Seattle…you done us good.

My second novel ‘Waiters’ just went live on Kindle/Amazon today. As I said, I went all the way up the river to complete this novel. Method-writing at it’s most genuine. Buckle in.

I offered a subtle nod, dragged deeply from the blunt and peered skyward, where a 747 moved across the brilliantly blue sky, leaving a thin white jet trail behind it as it shuttled people off to somewhere. They were all on their way somewhere. It seemed even the crack head who I’d seen from my balcony bent forward and wiping his ass with a handful of crumbled drywall before hurriedly rushing away, seemed to be on his way to somewhere. I however was content to stay put, sitting on my balcony, watching the cars, buses and pedestrians bustling by as I typed away at my next manifesto. East Hollywood; I wondered why anyone would ever want to leave her.

Excerpt from The Palm Villa


On the side, I have a punk rock band called Penthouse Killers–it’s like pouring cocaine onto your cornflakes…I’ve never done cocaine or wanted to…but that’s what I’ve been told about PK. Here are a few photos from our soundcheck at the Mint. Evidently, they have a policy at the Mint; if you want photos or video of your performance, the club will do it for a price. We’re not really photo crazed guys though, and it seems that any band who plays should be able to snap photos of their show…and so we declined the offer. Eric’s friend snapped a few during soundcheck though, clever girl.

Next weekend we’re playing an unlicensed, underground, warehouse party in K-Town…DIY baby…obviously I can’t say where or when exactly…if you know or happen to find out, see ya there…that’s what indie rock used to be about.

Had a blast playing the Mint last night with my other band, Penthouse Killers. The Mint is a bit off the beaten path, but they have a giant Bukowski mural on the wall and that intrigues me. I wonder if Bukowski went in there to get smashed back in the day, when he was writing Factotum and getting in alleyway brawls. There is a documentary on YT about Bukowski…he drives around East Hollywood reminiscing about all the bums, hookers and junkies he knew around the neighborhood. Classic Chinaski.

Finally finished Waiters, the second novel I’m going to publish. It’s now available in the ‘Novels’ section of this page. It will be up on Kindle in a couple weeks. While writing Waiters I went all the way up the river, like in Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. To the people I was surrounded by who thought I’d gone entirely mad…I guess I sort of did. But it’s the only way I could really tap into the Napalm Narrative.

Mailer was for sure a method writer. I highly recommend reading Tough Guys. If you’re not a reader, at least check out his discussion with Gore Vidal on the Dick Cavett show–it’s on YT. At one point everyone turns on him, even the audience…hilarious shit. I would say Mailer was the sort of guy who believed it’s better to be hated rather than fake liked. I sort of a agree with him. At least you know where you stand.

Factory Luxe…thanks a million for offering us such a warm greeting last night. It was the first show for the JTB since before the lockdown and one of the best we’ve done…some out of body moments. Nice to see that there is a contingency of folks who will show up in droves on Superbowl Sunday and cheer on original indie bands. By the way, the green room at the FL is about the most luxurious green room I ever did see…most places we’ve played don’t even have a green room.


This page is meant as a beacon of 1990s creativity that shines a light for the wayward and lost, who’ve been seduced by contemporary pop culture and assume they don’t have a choice in the matter. You do have the choice in the matter. The Pogues shall set you free.


My novel Tales from Truman Park is now available on Amazon/Kindle. I’m glad the story has finally been told and is immortalized in print. That’s what this life is all about–creative achievement. How boring the world must have been when there was no art and only spores bubbling up through the muck for millions of years.

Check out the new video for Fallout Shelter. Shot around my hood in East Hollywood–we had a blast…in fact we had many blasts. Complete with a surprise Creepshow ending.

From my album, Middle of Infinity, here is a video for Mary.

Traveling from Los Angeles to Vancouver to Seattle, Jarrod Tyler and crew investigate the endangered state of contemporary arts & culture in the digital age and showcase the many citizens who fight to keep arts & culture alive in their neighborhoods. I made this documentary as a public service announcement that will hopefully raise awareness about the importance of keeping contemporary arts & culture alive.

This is a documentary I made about North Bend Washington, the eccentric town in which the Twin Peaks series was filmed. It’s not a public service announcement as my previous documentary was…but I was so fascinated by this little town that I was intensely drawn to this project. If you’re a TP fan, you won’t want to miss it.

Maybe we’ll run into each other in Central Park.

I played with a children’s orchestra way back when I was a child prodigy. I guess I was 4 or 5 in this photo. I preferred piano to violin but this particular group already had a pianist. What I remember about the kid with the checkered bell-bottoms behind me, beyond the fact that he carried his bow all wrong, is that he suffered from anxiety, especially when it came to performances. I vaguely remember this concert we did at an opera house…he was standing beside me, anxiously nibbling his fingers which tended to bleed. Moments before this photo was taken, I told him to relax…that we’d been chosen because we were the most talented kids at the conservatory…I told him good old Ludwig himself would have been impressed. I was trying to pep-talk him you see. He just turned to me and said, “I hate Beethoven and his stupid hair.” I laughed and it clicked that he probably really hated that his parents made him wear his hair like good old Ludwig.

Best Altman ever: Short Cuts.

Eric, Wally and me tearing it up at the Viper Room in West Hollywood. RIP Viper Room. Many great times there. This was a show I did with a punk rock band I’m in, Penthouse Killers. We killed it for sure that night…but the history of the place really stole the show. Hollywood, to me, exists in VHS format, like an old Robert Altman film. You know, I love this town. No matter what they say about her…I love who she is deep down…under the cracked asphalt and the grime…I think I recognize her from a past life

Hollywood and Vine

With art it’s important to go all the way…even if it means losing friends, jobs, fortunes, lovers, and possibly your reputation. Go all the way…you’ll only be a greater artist for it. If you wear a Madchen Amick shirt while you’re going all the way…all the better, right?

Good Luck

Blue dream

East Hollywood…what a town.

Snapped some photos on the way to my surf spot in Malibu. Everyday is gorgeous in Malibu.

A block south of the Paramount lot…no shit–I’d hoped this was some elaborate performance art–that the old man was actually mirroring the Humpty Dumpty on the wall; that they had a great fall and an even better winter. But life isn’t a Fellini film. Are we really fucked? Well…that’s what I’ve been told.


LA Rehearsal, room E – Penthouse Killers HQ. Props to Wally for rockin’ the Big Drill Car shirt.

I remember when this place was Circus of Books. It’s now a smoke shop–but it should be a live music venue…especially now that Satellite is closed. 

Skateboarding is not a crime…the screaming hand longs to sink it’s teeth into parking lot security guards.

Back in 2006 I lived in suite 1, the window just left of the entrance. One weekend when my roommate was in San Diego, I went to Cha Cha’s and invited the entire bar back home for after hours drinks. The dude who lives in there now has no fucking idea of the shenanigans.

Punk Rock surfing…

Let’s be honest…most people wear the same Smiths shirt–Meat it Murder…the one with the soldier on the cover. We’ve all seen that. You wouldn’t believe what I went through to acquire this Louder Than Bombs t-shirt. I’ll tell you more, when I know you a bit better.

The Drez just isn’t the same anymore without Marty.

From time to time I still wonder what William Holden meant when he told Audrey Hepburn he wanted her to drop some fresh raisins in his porridge.

Got hired to play some piano at a private party at Gulls Way Estate in Malibu. I was expecting some Eyes Wide Shut type shit but it was just a bunch of rich people requesting Billy Joel tunes.

Only in Hollywood can you be rolling one up in your van and realize you inadvertently parked outside the Nightmare On Elm Street House on Genesee.

Took a job out in Pomona without thinking of the commute from East Hollywood…I lasted 2 days. Pomona has a certain vintage to it, for instance, this famous chicken joint I stopped at.

The Kibitz Room…the only madhouse in town that serves alcohol.
Amazing…standing at the console in magical Studio 3 at East West Studios Hollywood…absorbing a mix through the best speakers in town. Hard to believe that in 1967 Brian Wilson stood in the exact same spot in the exact same room, putting together his most revered masterpiece, ‘Pet Sounds’ which in time would become a cultural phenomenon. On the other side of the glass, the Wrecking Crew would have been working through songs like ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ and ‘God Only Knows’. Wilson would have stood there and talked to them through a microphone–giving direction. Back then it was a different console…the one I’m standing with in this photo used to belong to David Bowie. I think he mixed all his best 80’s hits on it. I mean, aside from Abbey Road studios–you can’t find a place permeated with more old ghosts of composition’s aristocracy. There is an entire section dedicated to East West Studios in my last documentary film ‘The Day the Music Died” which you can find on youtube. How can a society have any sense of identity without a sense of history?
Love me some Vans.
My blood runs strong like a river

Grade ten skater-boy…showing off my Sex Pistols t-shirt after a night at the skate park getting deadly.

What lovely curves she’s got.

Rhys and I at Eastwest Studios, Studio 3…where the beach boys recorded Pet Sounds.


This is a photo of me standing outside the Satellite…I guess January of 2020. R.I.P Satellite Silverlake…you were my favorite live music venue in Los Angeles.


This is a documentary I made about North Bend Washington, the eccentric town in which the Twin Peaks series was filmed. Check it out.


Didn’t make it to Austin this year, however…we are doing a “live stream” performance for the SXSW after party, hosted by EMA. Stoked…looking forward to it. Follow the link at the bottom of the poster for free tickets.


Standing outside the Echo in Silverlake one night when we played there with some friend’s bands back in 2016.

Immortal beloved



Hanging at my fave coffee shop…House of Pies on Vermont and Franklin.




So, my bro got me a bunch of 90’s movies I haven’t seen forever. Short Cuts is first on the list baby.


The special bond between a man and his Schwinn.


Santa Monica BLVD traffic is alright when you got 90’s Oasis on the stereo.


Ah, my favorite place in LA to hang out and play music. We did many shows at the Kibitz…the only mad house in town that serves alcohol. On any given night you’ll find some of the best, most well schooled musicians in Hollywood at the Kibitz–you never know who’s going to walk in. One night I wound up sitting at a booth with some people and there was Tom Waits sipping a drink under his fedora. Only in Hollywood.

A great night with some badass homies playing the Mint in Hollywood.


Not messing around…will be watching this tonight. I have this film on a drive, but there’s something about watching films on a moving reel with the trailers and all.



What he meant to say was: Realizing we’re standing on the Strip next to the tragic spot where River Phoenix died. Grinning about a comment made about the dude with woman hair in the background. Smoking blunts like they’re going out of style…a wondrous madhouse Hollywood is and there’s no place I’d rather be.

Silverlake freedom.



Unbelievable…was looking through a box in storage and found this photo of me with my first guitar. I didn’t realize I had a photo of that guitar. I’m 12 in this picture, playing along to a Sex Pistols album in my mom’s basement. I was totally obsessed with the Pistols at that point…learned Never Mind the Bullocks on that guitar and started writing my own songs as well. I remember how nice that guitar felt…intonation was perfect…low action…so easy to play. No idea where that guitar is now. She was the first though, and very special.


Not sure about Spotify…I don’t even bother with a proper Spotify profile…still, here is my best of album…in case you don’t want to pay for it on iTunes. I’m not a used car salesman, or an art dealer or a real estate agent–I’m an artist.


Saw this at the Satellite on a week night…these guys were pretty good…they looked like UCLA frat boys but then they started playing crazy punk rock–sort of reminded me of punk bands I used to go see in college…the singer pulled off his hoodie during the first song…he was wearing a Beyonce t-shirt…he jumped down into the crowd and started a mosh pit. He sang a song about growing up in Virginia and crashing his car and how the crash rattled his brain and made him crazy. I’d hoped they’d kick over their amps at the end, but I guess amps are expensive. They were selling shirts afterward for a buck. I assumed punk was dead…guess I was wrong.


Great show last night in Encino…thanks to everyone at VCF for putting this one together and also my band of badasses who rocked out in the SoCal heat.

Home of Jeff Spicoli and Jack Tripper

Rhys was an engineer at East West Studios in Hollywood and a damn fine producer. I learned so much about production from him after working on several albums with him.

They held his celebration of life last night in Studio One at East West. Such a nice service, he’d have loved it; his friends and family in such a legendary room telling stories and playing music. Though it was sad, I’m glad I was there. He’ll be missed.


Though I’m back and forth between LA and Vancity…this was the JTB’s last show in Vancity. Until they fix their live music scene and actually start supporting their original indie bands, we’re not messing with it–on principal.

If you listen to one song from The Replacements’ Let it Be album, check out Sixteen Blue or Unsatisfied. Pure fucking Genius!

Here’s a video of me and the boys tearing it up at the Silverlake Lounge in Los Angeles. The place has been one of my fave hang outs since I can remember. A great venue that is a true supporter of original live music.

My Ray Liotta jacket from the 1990s is still going strong. Found her in storage yesterday.

It felt real good to rock out for a couple thousand people on Kits Beach last night for the fireworks. The no smoking sign is hilarious. We smoked shit all night backstage.

A friend of ours snapped a few pics of our show at the Kibitz Room. One for the books!

Silver Lake Lounge tomorrow night! Stoked…as…fuck

Walking by Y-Que on Vermont today, I saw these two books on the shelf outside the store–was meant to be.

Yes, this is for realz.

We are looking forward to this Thursday at The State on Sunset.

A/C rules.

Sunnydale – Class of 99′

Thanks Substation…last night was a blast! Four bands, no noise regulations…gotta love Ballard.

Had a great time playing at Dante’s last night. Such a great sounding room–ideal for live music. See you again soon Portland

Back wall of club