Now available on iTunes.



Now available on iTunes.

“Don’t Let It Go” is the Jarrod Tyler Band’s latest release. The album is made up of eleven gems that are marked by a sincerity and melodicism derived ultimately from Tin Pan Alley. Production began in early 2013. The album was tracked at various locations, including Studio 3 at legendary EastWest studios—the same studio in which Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys recorded their landmark album Pet Sounds. The album was later produced by Tyler and Rhys Moody. Moody, an industry veteran, worked on the JTB’s previous album “Fides Veritas Eruditio”. He again brought his vast experience to the table, tastefully mastering “Don’t Let It Go”.


Jarrod Tyler’s music has been featured on the ABC and Fox networks. The band has appeared at many notable venues including The Railway Club, The Media Club, The Cellar, The Roxy, The Backstage Lounge, Joes Apartment, Guilt & Company, The Yale, Falconetti’s, Chill Winston, The Kitsilano Showboat, the Fairview, TOST lounge, Amplifi, The Glendon, Universal City Walks, the Silverlake Lounge. The band brings to their refined live performance an edge of spontaneity and continues to seek out intriguing venues and the music lovers who keep original music alive.