October 20th 2017

Crazy…this is a bottle of Twin Peaks drinking water. My friend Michael who grew up in North Bend WA, the town where Twin Peaks seasons 1-3 was filmed, found this in storage and gave me a bottle. Apparently in the early 90’s, this water was a real thing…and on the market–in conjunction with TP season one. What a relic! Someone suggested I drink it with a lime–but listen, let’s be reasonable…I dug the 90’s but I’m not going to drink 20 year old water….come on. Great artifact though.

Bottled in Snoqualmie…that’s legit.

October 19th 2017

They say B&W photos lack color. I disagree.

Friday the 13th 2017

Fitting that I got this hair cut today…it’s truly a horror show. Tell me friends…how does one go about fucking up such a simple task…not just a task, but a task which is the defining point of your job description? There’s nothing worse than having to travel a long distance for a hair cut…so for years I’ve been going to this place down the street to get my hair cut…but I’ve lost count of how many disaster hair cuts I’ve paid top dollar for over the years…I can’t begin to explain the horrors…there was the colonial cut, the late 1880’s do, the Paul Young special, the attempted anime crimp, the Serpico, the Munich and now this shit–a totally uneven hatchet job–look at the bangs, it’s like she was high on blue meth and Dilaudid when she did the job…and if you can believe she told me that it would even out when I washed it. Really?

October 12th 2017

Had a great time playing at Dante’s last night. Such a great sounding room–ideal for live music. See you again soon Portland!

Back wall of club

We’re not in the habit of traveling with a photographer…but a woman who was in the audience last night was nice enough to email me a couple snaps she took…I think she must have been testing her camera on the second one…still, these were the only two she’d taken…so, I figured I’d post what she sent. Thanks for sending…

October 10th 2017

This is our new, shared rehearsal space in Seattle. I think it’s a nice room to rock out in…also the Sex Pistols tapestry on the wall made me like it immediately. Had a good jam here tonight…tomorrow night we head to Portland to play at Dante’s. Perhaps it will be a divine comedy.

October 9th 2017

Portland was such fun we are going back. Playing at Dante’s October 11th–that’s this Wednesday. Thanks for inviting us…we are more than happy to come and rock out!


October 8th 2017

After a busy and interesting week…I just spent an hour digging a boxette out of my storage unit. Of course it was at the very back at the very bottom…under years of clutter. I knew one day I’d want to revisit ‘Rescue Me’–one of my favorite shows. Going to spend Monday rewatching a season…maybe season 3. Can’t remember the last time I spent a day on the couch being absolutely useless. This is going to be good. Happy Thanksgiving.

October 6th 2017

Portland was nothing like Jello Biafra’s anecdote about the night before the DK played at the Long Goodbye. We had a great time…I wish I would have gotten some pics of the smoke machine that periodically engulfed the stage in a thick swirling mist as we rocked out…however, this trip we didn’t bring anyone to take photos. In any case, I wandered around a bit before the show and snapped a few myself.

October 3rd 2017

To our friends in Portland…don’t miss us this Thursday at the Analog Cafe & Theater – one of Portland’s coolest haunts for live music. We are so stoked to rock out.


October 2nd 2017

I wanted to post a few photos taken while on a business trip in LA…the best thing about LA is that though she changes–she never changes.

Colors of Malibu

Old school at Canter’s

Red Lion patio

In between bands at the Echo

Good Luck on Hillhurst

Residency night at Satellite

Spanish girlfriend

Skyline from Beverly Center

House of Pies at Vermont & Franklin — it’s a straw in case you’re wondering

September 25th 2017

One more thing…I wanted to post a link for Ocean Wise…they are doing very good things. It’s reassuring to know mammals like Senor Cinco are being taken care of. Check out their site.


September 25th 2017

If you haven’t already seen it, you may be inclined to check out a documentary film I spent a year making. The film, which is feature length, illustrates the realities of indie band life in the digital age. The film is centered around the music scene in our town, one which crumbled around us. In the span of a few short years, our town lost many key live music venues and this had a profound effect on our local scene. The concept was simple–to roll cameras in hopes of documenting our surroundings which, by that point, had become absurd. We wanted to capture it all in real time. Our crew traveled from Vancouver BC, to Seattle Washington, to Los Angeles California to make this film possible. Though I’ve been ostracized and blacklisted by many of my fellow Vancity residents and accused by some of breaching the fundamentals of traditional journalism; I don’t regret making this film, because if it can happen in our town, it can happen in any town. Though the film is amusing–the decay of contemporary culture is no joke.

September 21st 2017

One of the musicians I’ve been meeting with for the US shows lives in North Bend WA – the town in which Twin Peaks seasons 1, 2 and 3 were filmed. Have been a huge fan of the show since I was a kid…so it was a bit surreal when Michael gave us the grand tour.

Wall mural.

Lunch at the actual Double R Diner (Twede’s Cafe)…where pies go when they die.

My girl and I with Sheriff Truman’s truck

The Packard Mill–which I’m told actually burned down…life imitates art.

The Great Northern at sunset.

September 17th 2017

This is a great photo of the Cobalt Cafe. Not to be confused with the Cobalt in Vancouver BC. The Cobalt Cafe was a live music venue in Canoga Park, California. We’d been playing some dates around Los Angeles that summer and wound up getting booked at the CC. I’d never heard of the place, but the promoters were two of the nicest dudes. Also this was probably one of the most enthused crowds we’d played for–a room full of punks and skaters who stood in front of the stage grooving out to our three piece tunes. I’ve never forgotten about the Cobalt Cafe…it’s closed now and we were one of the last bands to play the venue. This photo was taken just after soundcheck. Kind of shitty quality cell phone shot, I guess our drummer wasn’t standing perfectly still? Should have used an old school Polaroid maybe…

September 9th 2017

Just got word of two more dates.

Oct 5th – Analog Cafe, Portland OR   www.analogpdx.com/

Oct 11th – Dante’s, Portland OR    http://danteslive.com/event/7692705/the-angry-lisas-w-the-jarrod-tyler-band-and-guests/

We are so looking forward to playing these dates. More details to come soon.

September 7th 2017

Very stoked–starting rehearsals in Seattle next week with some great Seattle based musicians for upcoming JTB shows. We will be a four piece…perhaps five if we can get the Hammond player I’ve been trying to recruit–she’s amazing on the keys. Look for us at Substatoin Seattle November 15th–more dates to follow.


September 6th 2017

Wanted to post this one–it’s from ‘Fides Veritas Eruditio’…I’ve never gotten deeper into the concept of an album as I did with FVE. I think of all my works, the works from that album are the most technically and theoretically complex…yet strangely; that batch of songs all contain the same mysticism. In down to earth terms: you give into it…that is, if you don’t resist it–this song may conjure a vision.

 August 28th 2017

There used to be an old dilapidated upright piano on the corner of Alexandria and Hollywood…someone pushed her out onto the sidewalk to make room for a new couch or an entertainment station. Birds shit on her…rats lived in her, drunks and homeless people leaned up against her while pissing in the weeds…they used her as an ashtray…she was missing keys…total  neglect. I felt for her…and couldn’t help playing her once in a while when I passed her, on my way out or on my way in. She’s not there anymore…but she sang well; another true Hollywood story.

August 19th 2017

Ok…it was a long haul…at times it was arduous–but exhilarating knowing we were getting closer to the vision. I wrote the song in an afternoon, but imagine this; three days of tracking, then four days of production–only to eventually accept the fact that we needed to retrack a few things in order to achieve the envisioned production. So, we spent Thursday and Friday night in the studio retracking and perfecting the production of ‘Greenfield’. This was a very complex balancing act…an intricate, meticulous juggle of frequencies, pans, filters, EQs…I think we EQ’d the piano and guitars over at least 20 times to prevent them from sitting in the same frequency range; simply because there is no reason why a production shouldn’t sound in reality, exactly how it had in my head…that’s the challenge and also the adventure. Big pat on the back guys…told you we’d hit this one out of the park. Here it is…#3–Greenfield. Lyrics included in description.

I should add…to experience the full effect of this production, I would recommend listening at a higher than usual volume, with either headphones or at least on a TV with decent speakers–big system is ideal…laptops and iPhones kill great productions every day…so sad.

August 15th 2017

The last four days have been crazy–huge undertaking! Perhaps the most complex production on the new album–and a true 90s era gem, “Greenfield” is nearly ready. I’ve been told that it’s unorthodox to post new recordings before they’re released on iTunes, but that implies that there are rules…there are no rules.

Also friends, this is the movie poster for the documentary film “Tropic of Capricorn” released earlier this year — a documentary about the realities of indie band life in the digital age. Like recording–film is forever.

August 11th 2017

Wow, we shot a full scale music video this week. Ok – I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Initially I wanted to shoot the video for ‘Afternoons’. Also, I didn’t want the video to include any footage of the band; thought it would be cool to just make a short film, with actors and subtitles…shades of Godard. However, the crew felt the video needed shots of the band…everyone also felt ‘Audrey’ was the right song for the video concept. That’s ok–I wanted to shoot the video for ‘Afternoons’ in Los Angeles in the fall anyway…great excuse to head down to the City of Angeles. In the end we got the shoot done and had a blast working on it. Will post it once it’s ready. Stoked…

August 10th 2017

I remember this show. Great night at the Backstage Lounge–packed house. Me on keys, Jer on bass and that’s Travis back there behind the drums–all of us wearing the fraternal crest.

August 9th 2017

Wrote this song on guitar, during a much needed holiday. Originally it was intended to be a dry acoustic recording with a piano accompaniment. But et voila – it became a colorfast of sound.

August 8th 2017

You’ll never see this in mainstream music today—they just don’t make ‘em like Natalie Merchant anymore; insanely talented songwriter and singer…perhaps one of the most literate contemporary lyricists as well. Also, I’m sure most of the pop divas of today don’t even know who the fuck Jack Kerouac was…much less would they read from his bio in the middle of an MTV unplugged show. On top of it all, she wrote, performed and produced one of the great American albums–Tigerlilly. Massive undertaking which she made look easy. Coolest girl on the block.


August 4th 2017

Here it is…song #2 from the upcoming album. There’s a bit of a story behind this latest recording–in case you’re the type who is interested in the fine details; I’ll tell you about it. I wrote this song on piano and was getting into some very nice shades with it…it’s always exhilarating losing yourself in a recording and I was eager to try some scratch tracks—piano and vocals—just to see how it would shape up on tape. So one night I went into the studio space we’re renting for this new album—basically it’s a warehouse loft packed with a mess of recording equipment and old school, felt dividers.

Aside from myself, no musicians were present that night. There wasn’t any reason to call a drummer or bassist in because I’d only planned to record some preliminary tracks for ‘Fading Fast’…so it was just me and an engineer friend who liked the idea of a graveyard recording; we thought we’d go from 10pm to 3am—a fair chunk of time. However, the scratch tracks wound up sounding nearly flawless and the song started to come alive on its own; sometimes the studio is good to you—on this night it was. It became clear that we had a tiger by the tail and certainly we weren’t about to let it go–even if I hadn’t scheduled any musicians that night.

After tracking piano and vocals, I moved to bass, playing an old Fender that was kicking around the loft—bass is tricky because its two instruments in one—rhythmic and melodic—the bass line I wrote, though elusive, wound up locking in nicely I think. What we had was sounding kind of mystical and we needed more context…so, I added a drum track…a basic drum track I played on a rusty set of old Pearls with a squeaky kick pedal—unbelievably annoying squeak…we actually used a few drops of motor oil to get rid of the squeaking which was totally audible through the kick drum mic.

Over the years I’ve sat in on drums for a few rock bands when their drummers couldn’t make it to a gig; but I gotta say—to play so slowly and stay precisely in the pocket with a click track and bass line nuances…that took some focus…because it had to be perfect; perfect is key, specially with drums. And btw, you can’t quantize acoustic drums really…you can try, but to me that’s cheating…I don’t believe in smoke and mirrors like vocal auto-tune and quantizing and whatever other programs producers use to fix people’s shitty tracks—if you can’t do it perfectly in an authentic way—who do you think you’re kidding? You don’t think people will hear the reality when you play the songs live? Anyway once the drums were tracked, the song took on a will of its own…it really seemed like the song wanted to come alive and there was no stopping it; we didn’t want to stop it.

It became clear that I was going to have to track everything that night…guitars, organ, bg vocals…the works—the long haul…there was no way we could have gone home and just left it for another day and risk losing the essence of the moment. The guitar was easy, just chords mainly, some arpeggio. However, I think the magic of the evening is evident in the guitar solo—which was totally spontaneous…Kent, the engineer, told me to play it once just to warm up–he said he wasn’t recording–but he was recording (oldest trick in the book) and luckily we caught that first take–which I believe couldn’t be quite recreated—it was as if a higher force was navigating me through unchartered waters with an almighty compass. After that, the song was sounding full enough…still however, something was missing; it was the old antique Hammond—the gritty, trademark oscillation…so old school and sexy—like lipstick on old grainy film. The Hammond really tied the song together…in fact the song sounded a bit naked without it. There were a few more finishing touches…like for instance a second vocal track shadowing the lead in a higher octave—reminiscent of old Dinosaur Jr. vibes. But after that…after a whole night of tracking and retracking—‘Fading Fast’ was recorded…all the pieces were in place and ready for production. It was hard to believe.

The idea wasn’t to actually keep all my tracks…The idea was to perhaps retrack most of the instruments later with the usual specialists. But after listening, it was evident that we would keep what I tracked, mainly because of the midnight mysticism…the old ghosts we’d evoked and caught on audio. It took 8 hours to track the full song from the ground up—not bad for a nights work—for a song that will live on. I admit, it was a bit mentally exhausting, but it was worth it though…after a number of days in production; ‘Fading Fast’ is now refined and ready–nothing is more satisfying. If you’re inclined, come along—come get lost in the piano.


July 30th 2017

Someone sent me this old poster yesterday. Very stoked because I don’t have any of these old gig posters aside from a few…really great artwork. I used to organize rock shows like these around town back when there was still somewhat of a circuit. These nights would get crazy–great performances and standing room only. What’s more, we were part of a resistance; doing our part to support original live music–before cheesy dance parties took over this town. Anyway, I’m not sure who the Willing were–I’m guessing the co-headliners?

Dig the jeans Farrah.

July 28th 2017

And this my friends is how it’s possible to have a terrible production, three chord arrangements and super thin guitar tracks and still somehow manage to create a truly classic album…like the shittiness becomes part of the appeal somehow…these guys did it so well–over and over and over again…and we loved it. When I was a teenager, one half of my bedroom wall was covered by a massive psychocandy poster–got it for 20$ at a record store, easy as that. Today, I wouldn’t even know where to get the same poster, if it’s gettable at all.

July 18th 2017

Still in slight shock that I finally own this t-shirt. I’ve wanted one ever since the 90’s, back when you could watch the show in real time, with commercials and all. I never knew where to get one. The one’s I saw in t-shirt shops were never this exact design–often the letters had fangs which is total lameage. Someone finally showed me a site where I could buy the shirt with the authentic design…however, it was 100% cotton–and I hate that shit. I surrendered to the notion that indeed, I’d never own a Sunnydale shirt. Then ten years later, by sheer accident, my brother and I stopped in at this little shop on Robson to see if they had any Public Image Limited t-shirts–we were thinking of the one I owned when I was 18–John Lydon’s snarling face on the front and the PIL logo on the back…one of my favorite shirts that got stolen from my car one summer. I inquired and I was told that though they didn’t have the shirt; if I felt inclined–I could bring them the design and they would print the shirt. However, their shirts I was convinced would be starchy cotton shit, but to my surprise, the girl behind the counter found me a real smooth one…with only a small fraction of cotton in it. I decided that if I was going to have a shirt custom printed–I would have to follow a priority list…and there were a few before the PIL shirt. Like this authentic Sunnydale shirt. She knew the show and the shirt, and printed this up for me today…representing Sunnydale High class of ’99 bitches.

July 7th 2017

A hundred people heard it last week and the feedback I’ve received is that the song perfectly venerates 90’s romanticism. I love to hear this. This is because I’ve been writing songs since the 90’s and actually stopped listening to contemporary radio when contemporary radio started becoming uninspired. In the 90’s you would walk into a place and the music was R.E.M, Counting Crows, Mazzy Star, Third Eye Blind, Oasis, The Wallflowers, Aimee Mann, No doubt (bands that wrote and performed their own music and the music was killer) and so many others – House/dance music was very fringe during that era. There were no cell phone cameras and everything seemed to mean more. It was the last great era that brought the underground to the foreground.

Anyway, thanks for listening; here’s to leaving it all in the ring.

June 30th 2017

We will be playing the band shell on Kits Beach July 22nd–Saturday night baby. Not sure if we are headlining or supporting. Will post start time once I know more.

I’m sure we’ll be playing ‘Bones’. Very moody song, all about the ocean. I wrote it on a beach in Malibu a couple years ago–total authenticity. Songwriting is a funny thing. I’m a ‘method’ writer. The belief is that you must live something, or at least temporarily become the character in your song or story, put your hand in the fire, risk being ostracized, risk going mad–all for the sake of channeling the sum of your creative intensity into the art. Sometimes it works out and the song or story is a perfect reflection of your initial vision; other times the outcome isn’t what you intended and you’re left a bit disappointed and mentally exhausted. I think ‘Bones’ turned out perfectly, save for a few microscopic logistical imperfections in the actual recording itself. Aside from that, this is exactly what the song sounded like in my head that afternoon. If you feel inclined, come check it out.

June 19th 2017

Snapped today at Centennial Beach; the region’s best kept secret and where I’m spending most of my afternoons this summer. Kits, Jericho, Spanish Banks, English Bay–sorry, but you pale in comparison to Centennial. Where else is the water removed completely and subsequently refilled with fresh water every day? Where else can you wade out a half mile and only be neck deep? Where else can you see your shoes when you’re neck deep? Where else can you be fairly certain you won’t encounter bio-hazards like used condoms and used needles in the sand? Has been one of my favorite places since I was a kid–just wish it was closer to my South Van hood.

May 16th 2017

Making good progress on the new album. Most of the music is already tracked. Will be tracking vocals soon. One song in particular “You’re My Drug”, induces goose bumps. Can’t wait.

April 25th 2017

Emerged from recording today to find that Auburn is in stores now. How nice international distribution really is. Listening to the mastered album, I’m glad I dedicated two years of my life to perfecting it. Nothing is more satisfying. I told the art designer that I wanted the cover to exude a shade of Bernardo Bertolucci — I think he did a fantastic job.

March 10th 2017

Just released a documentary that took me a year to put together. At the same time I was putting the finishes touches on “Auburn” which will be, very soon, my third iTunes release. Thought I would rest…that I would take a vision quest perhaps. Thought I wouldn’t be back in the studio so quick…but then came a barrage of new songs, somehow just as emotionally authentic as the last batch. So, for the next six months, it’s all about immortalizing melodies–taking them from an abstract state to a tangible one…songwriting; one of the last true magics left in this celebrity driven, Karaoke singing digital age.

Feb 25th 2017

Just got word that we will be performing at the band shell on kits beach this summer. July 22nd I’m told. In a city where so much is illusion–original live music is still as real as it gets.

Feb 15th 2017

Very stoked to announce that we’ve just released “Tropic of Capricorn”. This feature length film follows the Jarrod Tyler Band as they record a new album, perform live shows and do what they must to stay afloat in a crumbling local music scene. Behind the scenes footage, commentary from industry insiders and previously unreleased music offer a compelling and sometimes humorous look at independent band life in the digital age. A No Right on Red production/Southpaw Motion Pictures release.