Hey…if you’re a Twin Peaks fan, particularly if you’re a hardcore Twin Peaks fan—this documentary is a must see. My crew and I spent a number of weeks in North Bend/Snoqualmie Washington out in the woods filming this documentary about the stranger than fiction town where Twin Peaks seasons 1, 2 and 3 were shot. The film attempts to answer some long standing questions about the town of North Bend and the surrounding woods—the mysterious old woods that are said to be supernatural.

We visited many iconic locations at which the TV show was filmed, the Great Northern, the Double R Diner, Sheriff Harry S. Truman’s office, the Packard Mill…we interviewed many people who have lived in North Bend forever–residents who have seen things…as well we spoke with many who have a personal connection with Twin Peaks…through these interviews we learned a lot about North Bend and its eccentric history, metaphysical phenomenon and a ground breaking scientific discovery that would impact the world…we also ventured out into the supernatural woods surrounding the town…and wound up getting lost and having to stay overnight. Was the North Bend mystery created by the TV show or was the Twin Peaks mystery created by North Bend? This documentary attempts to answer that question once and for all.